These Solid brass carabiners are a special order product molded specific to match the solid brass buckles found on the brown Bullet Bag. To the innovators who want to stand out in your new favorite bag this is the exclusive accessory to do it.  Guaranteed to attract the eye appeal that will differenciate your Bullet Bag from any other regular fanny pack or purse available. 


  • Carabiners fit around any standard sized belt. 
  •  Allows your bullet bag to rest easy below your shirt.
  •  Allows your bullet bag to be easily unclipped or removed from your belt without taking off your belt.
  • More durable addition to attach your keys as opposed to the belt loop on your pants or shorts.


*These carabiners are not intended for load bearing purposes. These carabiners are intended and designed only as key accessory.

Thickness: 5.75mm (0.23")


Solid Brass Key Rings & Carabiners